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    1 month ago

    Celebrating My Clients Win!

    You know you’re making a difference when you receive a text like this!

    We started working together 121 2 days ago!

    She hit her first ever £5,000 month today and it’s only 16th of the month!

    Ok so yes we did her strategy session 2 days ago, but for full transparency we have been talking and she’s been picking my brains for weeks, and she’s been in my membership The Business Club since the start!

    How did she do it?

    I got her to think and position her pricing differently. To position the conversation with her client differently to secure a better result!

    That’s £5,000 in the bank! #boom

    Also, yesterday she re positioned her prices and services with an existing client and got a great result after we’d talked and I’d help her structure and plan the call with the client.

    So flippin proud and excited for her!

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