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    1 month ago
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    • The Business Summit is a full day to mastermind and kick start your September so you end the year strong!

      Together we’re going to cracking the code to growing your business.

      I know that individually we get brilliant results, and I wanted to create a powerful and inspiring collaboration of epic speakers to give you an even better experience and day of inspiration to kick start your September and support you in growing and up scaling your business.

      We’ll cover business fundamentals from strategy, sales, products and pricing, money, mindset and customer experience and daily success business habits, with self care and reilience underpinning everything we do!

      I am joined by Siobhan Murray, Resilience Coach, Expert Psychotherapist and Best-Selling Author of The Burnout Solution, who helps women re-ignite their self-worth, build resilience and grow into their full potential.

      Others Expert Guest Speakers will be confirmed by 31/07/2019.

      We’ll start at 10:00 and finish by 16:00, there will be lunch break so you can either bring your own lunch, or we invite you to connect and network together having lunch together at one of the many cafés and restaurants within easy walking distance of the venue.

      This event is not for those who want to play small – their impact or their business income, it’s for those that are ready to own their expertise and take their thinking and their business to the next level

      Please bring a notepad and something to write with, an open mind and a growth mindset!

      Are you ready?
      Click to book here >>

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