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Samanah Duran

  • Norwich, United Kingdom
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Samanah Duran

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Critics Clothing & BEYOUROWN


United Kingdom



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Samanah Duran, is a British fashion designer and entrepreneur most recently named Forbes 30 under 30 most influential in retail and e-commerce.Her fierce emphasis on inspiring each individual to embrace their unique identity and to take pride in their individuality is perfectly presented in her vision for an innovative clothing line with Critics Clothing.
Building on that inspiration as an extension of Critics Clothing, Samanah has now successfully launched BEYOUROWN and BEYOUROWN MAN, both digital media & news companies dedicated to inspire and champion entrepreneurs on a mission to lead with a vision.
Samanah is truly dedicated to evolving her brand and team. She has developed an unconventional approach to business by enjoying life to the fullest and making business enjoyable for her and whoever she works with. As she continues to be involved in every aspect of Critics Clothing, BEYOUROWN and BEYOUROWN MAN, she loves to meet other inspiring entrepreneurs out there on a mission to also succeed in doing what they love and is passionate about passing on her entrepreneurial skills that she has learned along the way. Press sees Samanah covered in Virgin Start Up. Forbes, The Telegraph, Thrive, Real Business and The Women Chapter. Extending her portfolio, Samanah now is booked as a guest speaker at exhibitions, events and conferences such as DMWF, Pure London, Commerce Futures, Violet Simons and many female entrepreneur based workshops.

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"Be authentic to yourself - you owe it to yourself to be unapologetically you.”

Samanah Duran

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