Sustainable Streetwear

Sustainable Streetwear

EBYAK is a sustainable fashion label inspired by art and self-power to uplift the wearer consciously and subconsciously. Designed with sustainable and tech-savvy production, these street-style hoodies are all apart of the brand’s stylishly affordable sustainable streetwear line — a part of London label EBYAK’s 2019 collection.

The sustainable clothing garments showcased within this collection are at the forefront of changing how we produce stylish modern clothing. Premium-made, positive ethics, comfort, and stylish design aesthetics are at the brand’s core, so its fashion-forward attitude and the seal of approval from Peta is what sets the label apart from its competitors.

Designer Ashlea Atigolo designed the collection with versatility in mind, hoping to provide consumers with stylish and modern clothing that was not only sustainable, but vegan-friendly. Designed with “the modern trendsetter and city-dweller in mind,” the new fashion label is proud to be collaborating with award-winning eco-fashion suppliers. The monochrome color palette is kept minimal as to appeal to a wider audience.

The 2019 capsule titled ‘The Collection’ will most certainly cause some stir in the fashion industry.

Ashlea Atigolo

Ashlea Atigolo is a British Menswear Designer, Sustainable Designer, Website Designer, AI Developer, and Entrepreneur. Her passion and dedication in using fashion as a way to empower people and the environment through sustainable statement pieces are perfectly presented in her vision for an innovative and distinctive menswear label - EBYAK.

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