Everything starts with a founder

Create a page to show who you are & what you do.

Showcasing and connecting the Founders behind the businesses.

Everything starts with a founder

Create a page to show who you are & what you do.

Showcasing and connecting the Founders behind the businesses.

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“All the biggest companies are based on a founder who had a need, hacked it together, and said, ‘Hey, other people might want this.”

Ron Conway.

Founder@ SV Angel

Behind every business is a founder wanting to change the world. Our mission is to help showcase the founders behind theses businesses and to connect them all together.

Create more than just a profile page. Showcase who you are & what you’ve founded.

Founder@ Stories

Interviewing the inspiring and incredible
people behind the businesses

Founder@ Stories

Founders deserve to be showcased as much as their businesses. Discover the story behind one of the amazing Founder@ Founders. Introducing the talented Kim Aviv – Founder@ Pathfinder Software.  

Founder@ EBYAK

Designer and Founder of a sustainable menswear label, EBYAK. Proving women can design for men too. 

Gavriel Merkado

Founder@ REalyse

CEO & Founder of REalyse, presenting the UK residential property sector with Big Data services and analysis.

Caroline Pegden​

Co-Founder@ TempaGoGo

Co-founder of TempaGoGo, an innovative online marketplace taking the pain away from temporary agency recruitment.

David Hannam​

Co-Founder@ ShareInside

SharesInside helps public companies communicate effectively with investors focusing on building trust.

Samanah Duran


Founder of BEYOUROWN is a digital media & news company dedicated to inspiring young women in business.

Edison Espinosa

Founder@ Foxie.Cool

Foxie is an action driven social network. Truly connecting & engaging with the world through activities and gatherings

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Everything starts with a Founder.   

The first Founder’s Directory & Social Platform. Showcasing incredible Founders and their businesses, whilst building a community for these amazing individuals.

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More than just a directory…

Start with a Founder’s Page. Finish with a community and network of founders sharing advice, challenges, successes and their unique ways of life!

“Everything starts with a Founder!”

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